Whitney Preisser to join the Wood Lab

We’re excited to announce that Whitney Preisser will join the Wood Lab in September 2019!  Whitney will be working to document long-term change in the diversity of marine parasites, using preserved fish specimens from the UW Ichthyology Collection.  We can’t wait to see what you find out, Whitney!

Evan Fiorenza, Catrin Wendt, and Ingrid Howard’s work on nematode parasites featured in Hakai

A recent article in Hakai Magazine discussed long-term change in the abundance of marine parasites, highlighting findings on anisakid nematodes currently being written up by MS students Evan Fiorenza and Catrin Wendt and on Clavinema mariae “blood worm” parasites of English sole, from an already-published manuscript led by former undergrad Ingrid Howard. The original Hakai article has been picked up by other outlets as well.

Julieta Martinelli to join the Wood Lab

Julieta Martinelli will join the Wood Lab to work on our new WRAC-funded project exploring the distribution of non-indigenous Polydora spp. blister-forming worms in Pacific oysters throughout the Pacific Northwest. Julieta is a conservation paleobiologist specializing in molluscs, and she has previously worked on this problem as a Fellow of the Chilean National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT). Really looking forward to diving into this project with you, Julieta!

Maureen Williams to join the Wood Lab

Maureen Williams will join the Wood Lab as a post-doc in August of 2019!  Maureen is currently wrapping up her PhD at Trinity College Dublin, where she has done awesome work on how parasitism and warming combine to affect host physiology and behavior.  As a Wood Lab post-doc, she’ll be part of our NSF-funded project investigating diversity and disease on coral reefs.  We can’t wait to welcome you to Seattle, Maureen!